Community Groups

nullCommunity Groups are groups of people of all ages who strive to live out the Gospel together. These are people who care about you, your family, your dreams, life's disappointments, and all of the big and little things that happen in your life. Community Groups come together to share life in different ways. While one may be helping a non-profit like Lazarus House in their mission, another may choose to support children in Liberia, adopt a neighborhood school, or simply help the elderly with housework. Even though each group will have different passions, people, and causes, the heartbeat remains the same: living to be the hands and feet of Jesus and giving the hope of Christ to others.

Southeast St. Charles Community
Meeting regularly, we will focus on gathering in the southeast St. Charles Community (south of 64, west of the Fox River), meeting the needs and serving in our local neighborhoods. We will intentionally serve with Lazarus House every fourth week of the month making sandwiches, providing meals, and loving their community. Contact Keith Wollenburg at (630) 390-5612 or Julie Wollenburg at (630) 390-5613.
Bible Study and Beyond Community
The' Bible Study and Beyond  Group' will begin the fall session with a study on the book of Hosea. The insights gained from this portion of scripture will enrich our understanding of God and His amazing love for us, and also guide us in some type of community outreach. We meet Thursdays at 9:00 a.m. and Mondays at 7:00 p.m (your choice!). Contact Linda Schroeder at 630.879.5066.
Young Families Community
Meeting once a month, we help families connect to simply and purposefully serve with other families. This is a perfect community for families with young children (toddler through elementary), yet open for all ages. Contact Jonathan and Julie Zimmermann.
Bauer Community
Meeting twice a month, we will serve basic needs in our community through the Northern Illinois Food Bank (hunger) and Habitat for Humanity (housing). In addition, we will help people with house projects for themselves or their neighbors. Contact Bob and Joan Bauer.
Compete and Eat Community
Meeting at least once a month, we will gather together to talk, laugh, and share while playing games and eating appetizers and other finger foods. We will intentionally serve with Special Olympics. Contact Ernie and LoAnn Gaudette at (847) 533-8371.
Bread and Wine Community
Meeting at least on the first Thursday of the month, we will have a theme of food and drink. We will discover together how that relates to our lives and Scripture in the community. We will intentionally serve in the area of food for the body and soul. Contact Dennis Gorski at (630) 643-0009 or Jane Gorski (630) 606-9823.
Quilt & Craft Community
Meeting at least once a month to quilt and craft, we meet the needs and serving in our local neighborhoods. We provide handmade items for people in need both locally and around the world. Contact Margaret Studer at 630.207.4549.
Hemmann Community
Meeting once a month, we will share our lives in Christ, grow in His Word, and serve specific needs as Christ leads us through prayer and sharing. Contact Gene and Sylvia Hemmann at (630) 584-3359.

Start a Community

We are always looking for enthusiastic men and women of all ages wanting to start and lead new communities. If you are interested in fostering new relationships, intentionally growing in your spiritual walk, and purposefully partnering with others to meet real needs in our area, then get started by sending us an email describing the Community Group you would like to begin. We look forward to hearing from you!

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