4th Tuesdays Community Supper

Join us for a delicious free meal on the 4th Tuesday of the month from 5 to 7 PM in the Fellowship Hall. 


Our next supper is May 22, 2018

The menu...

Mashed potatoes
Ice Cream Sundaes

Coffee, Water and lemonade

Serving Opportunities

  • Supper Set-up Crew
  • Supper Clean-up Crew
  • Kitchen and Cooking Crew
  • Hospitality and Serving Crew 
  • Baking Crew
  • Community Engagement
  • Supper-time Art and Music (Aesthetics)
  • BBQ Masters (Summer only)

The Supper

  • Food is purchased/supplied outside of members.
  • Food prepared in the church kitchen.
  • Simple, delicious nutritious menu (with dessert, and cupcakes). 
  • Served restaurant sit-down style by friendly faces.
  • Members and neighbors sit-down together. 
  • Community and church resource table.
  • Music.
  • Occasional Extras Special events and guests (e.g., guest chef, blood pressure check, etc.).

The People





New Prayer Ministry

nullAs our Community Supper ministry has continued to grow, and bless so many people's lives, God has laid it on our hearts to offer PRAYER with our monthly Tuesday evening suppers.   The sanctuary will be open from 4- 8pm.  Silent reflection is available.  St Mark's hosts will also be available for those who want to pray with someone.  Please do as your heart is moved to do!

Why We Do What We Do

Supports St. Mark's Vision: Live to be the HANDS AND FEET OF JESUS and give the HOPE OF CHRIST to others. 

4th Tuesday Ministries Vision: Provide a free delicious meal to members and people in the Fox Valley community in a clean and friendly manner that honors God, nurtures and fosters relationships, promotes a sense of community and connection in a consistent manner.

Mission: Provide a cost effective, sustainable free monthly supper to members and neighbors that is delicious and satisfying in an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome, nourished, and comfortable building personal relationships over a consistent time-frame. 

Goal: Keep the meal and formula simple – nothing fancy, just good food and friendly atmosphere.

Goal: Provide opportunity for people to connect with each other and meet neighbors. The success of community meals is testimony to people's growing need to reconnect with their Lord, their families, and the community around them. Coming together in fellowship reinforces what we all have in common, leaves us feeling less isolated, and reassures us that our friends and neighbors are doing okay as well. Sharing reminds us that we are all blessed with gifts, we all have a story to tell, and, as one volunteer put it "The veil between those serving and the served is a thin one." 

Goal: Find and use "tried and true" methods. Don't reinvent the wheel. Leverage and follow the example of other local churches in creating a synergistic community outreach program that can be utilized by people with a variety of needs. 

Goal: Partner with ministries and community organizations to build a community network that provides opportunities to serve others and share the good news of salvation. 

Goal: Balance member and community needs with the desire to serve others. Create a sustained outreach program that benefits both congregants as well as community members to St. Mark's where families and individuals are served as they serve others. Nurture and strengthen new relationships and existing bonds within the church through ministry service.

Community Benefits 

Gives members and the community opportunities to partake and serve

Individual and ministry who help build relationships, teamwork, may improve communication and reach out to others 

Meal planning and serving builds team-work and food planning, cooking skills

Fulfills a need. Many St. Mark's members have expressed support in both serving and attending the meal: when asked how we can serve the community, several people responding with the suggestion of serving a meal, at different times and unsolicited. 

What Others Have Said

“This is a real community program… a very eclectic group. It provides us all with an ability to serve our community in a unique and meaningful way.”

“Some of the older people have no family left, and this group at the supper becomes their family. They particularly love to see the children.” 

“We all feel so blessed in our lives, we just wanted to share that. As a community, we really need each other.”

Source: The Downeast Table of Plenty

Other Community Suppers

  • “Two Guys and Free Spaghetti” at St. Charles Episcopal Church
  • Third Tuesday Supper at the United Methodist Church in Geneva
  • Third Friday Supper at Fox Valley Presbyterian
  • Last Friday Supper at Bethany Lutheran Church in Batavia